An Amoeba Named Jake

but I get so sad when I’m fucking you.

izbizzz said: Which is you favorite dead president?

Steve Jobs, he was the president of apple. 

Anonymous said: What is your favorite type of candy corn?

Candy corn from last year, because it tastes like nostalgia.

Anonymous said: How many cocoa puffs are in one serving?

One family sized box.

carowine13 said: HEY BAE.

Oh hey, thanks for all the stalking, luh yah! 


Hello Good Morning: Everything you needed to know about the VMAs.


Hello Good Morning: Everything you needed to know about the VMAs.


I’m ready for autumn so that I can wear comfortable sweaters, plaid, and boots while drinking tea or hot coco by a slightly opened window. To be able to look up and see a swoosh of air carrying colorful leaves all around me. To wake up in the morning with a small chill in the air, wrap myself up in my blanket, and layer my clothes with scarves and beanies. Then after the day is done, eat my worries away in a slice of pumpkin pie.








if you cut the tip off, how do you seal it when you save it for later?

^^^ Seriously. How do you store it after you open it?

Step one: step two: 

Y’all need Jesus. 

or even more easy way?

step 1

shots are currently being fired

this made me laugh so hard tbh


so i watched scott pilgrim vs the world again last night and the fact that im still picking up on things that i never saw before astounds me, like in this bus scene after the fight with matthew patel there’s a fucking bokeh filter on the front of the camera so when ramona is on screen all the out of focus bits are rendered as little “x”s and scott’s bits are little love hearts but when scott asks ramona if they’re dating now there’s a little ding from the bus as ramona’s turn to hearts like omg

the amount of attention to detail edgar wright puts into his films is absolutely baffling to me